Planning anything with (travel, conferences, etc) with groups of people can be a pain: long email threads, lots of document forwarding and management, and still one has to spend even more time to organize and stay on top of all that shared content. Taggrr aims to change that by enabling collaboration through shareable and portable tags.

What it does

Taggrr allows you to tag anything - emails and attachments, documents, websites, media, anything! - and organizes the tagged content onto a secure easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easier to stay on top of everything you do.

  • Simply tag anything and we'll automatically create the dashboard if it doesn't already exist.
  • Invite your friends to the tag, and they can proceed to tag content with your tag to add it to the dashboard.
  • Configure Taggrr to upload tagged content to your could storage of choice so that you're always confident you can access the documents from anywhere. Note: presently Taggrr only supports uploads to Microsoft OneDrive, with support for more cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) coming soon.

How I built it

  • PHP backbone to handle all the core logic (account management, authentication, operations on tags and documents, etc)
  • Postfix server to provide an "email api", so users can use Taggrr from any email client without needing to install anything new!
  • Javascript web front-end
  • Chrome Extension to support hosted tagging (i.e tagging from 3rd party websites)

Challenges I ran into

  • Specifying the system in such a way that it has a "reasonable" and enforceable privacy policy (who can access what documents, and what operations they can perform on these) presented an interesting challenge and is still evolving.
  • Email parsing can be a pain, especially with the large fragmentation of the email app market, but I think it is a challenge worth undertaking since I believe email will be around for some time yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Deploying a stable, system that I now use on a daily basis :) - with the hope of growing the user base as we add more features.
  • Getting others excited about what I'm working in, especially when challenged w/ alternatives ways to do almost the same thing on other platforms - the "why would I use Taggrr and not X?" question. It took some time but I believe I have crystallized the unique value-add of Taggrr: creating shareable tags that you can name as you please; the tags are portable and so are accessible from all devices; and the tags allow you to group people, documents, events, anything! together in a way that we are already familiar with (we're constantly creating labels or folders for things we want to remember) and that closely resembles how many of us already implicitly organize the "data" in our minds.

What I learned

  • The end is an illusion; there is always more to do!

What's next for Taggrr

  • We've just (February 27th) opened up public access to the beta, with the plan of a more aggressive roll-out (and product map) in the first half of 2017.
  • The developer API is scheduled for release along with the iOS app in mid-Apri.


Taggrr Chrome Extension

Taggrr Outlook Add-In

Twitter: @taggrr_io

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posted an update

Lots of new updates, the most important of which is, the app "formerly known as Conphab" is now Taggrr!

Thanks, and enjoy!

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