We're a group of busy high schoolers, and we're no stranger to wanting a more productive and collaborative work station. Online courses such as those provided by Udemy or Coursera are ultimately rewarding, but it is undeniably difficult to sit through hours of video lectures with no form of personalized assistance.

Connexted is built to combat this issue, randomly matching each user up with other users taking the same online courses. Study groups consist of 2-5 people, ensuring the development of close personal relationships and mentorships. The group dashboard contains a chatroom and call option, promoting collaboration and assistance between users. Also visible on the dashboard are weekly goals, status trackers, and a joint timer – features intended to hold each user accountable for the amount of work they've had done.

We built the front-end using HTML/CSS/JS, UI design with Adobe XD, fireChat API for chats, and user login/authentication with Firebase. As we're all relatively new to front-end coding and UI design, the project was definitely challenging on many fronts.

Throughout the hackathon, we've managed to learn and utilize most tools provided in Adobe XD, as well as navigate between the front and back ends of web development.

Currently, our web-app is accessed through local servers. We'll soon connect our site with a domain name (connexted.tech), and in the future utilize Udemy / Coursera affiliate APIs to search up specific courses and track real time course progress. Hopefully, we will develop Connexted into a full-fledged site that is usable and accessible.

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