Our inspiration for this project is based on our personal experiences as high schoolers, we believe that every student in the world should have an equal opportunity of finding internships/volunteer programs that can help increase their skill usage. So not only is the student developing their skills but also it will make these organizations more well known towards the public. Our main motto is that learning in school is important but what you can do outside the classroom can really change the world. By using ConneXion we know that it will help connect high school students to startups, large unicorns and also non-profit organizations much more easily. The application has a chat feature, recommendations, constant calendar updates as well as a profile so that the organizations can easily see your interests and compare to what they want as well. We built our project mainly using balsamiq as our frontend development to design the project and right now we are not looking into expanding it into actual code since we believe that we need more time in learning the code base behind the backend of the application. I think that because it was our first hackathon, we had challenges in actually forming a team, as well as finding the right problem and solution that we have to tackle. We also had our fair share of issues of designing the project as we didn’t know which features we wanted to put on our application. We learned how to take inspiration from other apps with UI’s that work for it, and adapt it to our solution. I think what’s next for our team is to actually design our product through code as we think that our solution is quite well done but we need to really improve on the user interface as well as the backend/frontend development of the application.

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