Lack of efficient automated platform that helps open source developer circles interact with the community in a way to re-engage audiences and develop their technical skills over a long period of time. Our developer circle faced a lot issues in interacting with the community. The issues we faced in particular were related to the fact that we were not able to reach people on time and had difficulty reaching the right people. We also realised the importance of digital marketing, especially in contrast to how we were reaching out to people before. With Digital marketing, we can reach out to a much bigger audience and we can do this quickly and efficiently.

What it does

Creates brand awareness and automates the workflow of targeting the interested people for improving any specific skill and bootstraps the digital marketing campaign to reach out to developers in time.

How we built it

Our developer circle has often had issues interacting with the community. So, we decided to build a multi-part platform that solves all these problems in one fell swoop. The first component of this project is the connectx app. This deals with our interaction with our user base. The app allows those who are interested to be able to see blogs, events, etc. We keep them notified of all our events using push notifications. We also have an electronJS application which is a dashboard for managers. It allows them to configure events and make campaigns for the same. It allows them to do content marketing and create awareness. We have also created an authentication platform that allows us to centralise all our products allowing a user who has registered for any one of our products, to automatically be part of everything else we do automatically.

Challenges we ran into

One of the libraries being used in the frontend was abandoned by the developer midway. We had to rewrite a large portion of the frontend because of it. We also faces challenges in building the authentication platform. Since, we wanted high performance for this system, we opted for using Golang for writing server side code. We were using Firestore to facilitate real time communication. However, the SDKs for golang were lacking. So we ended up using the rpc api for Firestore and betasdk to accomplish what we wanted to do.

What we learned

We ended up learning how to work with other people effectively especially when working with projects that need to scale. We learnt a lot about why a lot of developers use the tools that they do. We were skeptical of a technology like GraphQL in the start but as we started using it, we realised why developers all over the world use it. We also learnt how to deploy microservices and how they work with one another.

What's next for ConnectX

We plan on growing ConnectX even further and build the community around us. We also plan on integrating services like codelabs which will help us tailor workshops. We can also get feedback and improve our strategy accordingly.

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