The way kids play has changed over the years. As technology advances, kids are often faced with the same choice I was faced, to play games outside or to play video games inside. But there never seemed to be a choice to do a little bit of both at the same time. That is where ConnectWear comes in.

What it does

ConnectWear is a platform for kids to both play physical games while also implementing the exciting characteristics of video games. It consists of wearable electronics and add-on parts that can potentially be used to play several different types of games, ranging from tag to a twist on Mario Kart.

How we built it

Each wearable component consists of an NFR transmitter and Arduino Uno. The transmitters each have addresses, so each set can communicate with each other very specifically and with a large signal range. The first game we have implemented is tag, which utilizes pressure sensors for tagging and lights to indicate who is "it."

Challenges we ran into

Making the devices wearable and robust was a great challenge, but was solved through much iteration and testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a working and wearable product that shows the concept we are going for and can be expanded.

What's next for ConnectWear

We hope to keep working on this and create more game options and add-on for the platform.

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