All across the country, bars, restaurants, and dining halls are playing music. All of them do so in a way that fosters separation via competition, which ConnecTunes wishes to address and improve upon.

Currently, there are two ways that venues choose what music to play, the most traditional, they just choose something and hope people like it, this is what every store ever uses. The other way, the one that we wish to address, is to have the people in the space choose the music. This is usually done through a modern, software equivalent of the jukebox, but the jukebox was designed to milk money out of people, not to improve the space in which it was in. RockBot, the app that Oakland University uses in its dining halls, allows users to select songs to be played directly, but you can see who chooses which song, and can be upvoted or downvoted, which gives your account a score. This means that many people are shut down and publicly criticised for their music choices. These systems also prevent songs that are not hyper popular from being played. In crowded environments, unless your song gets upvoted, they ask you to pay to "boost" your song.

We wanted to change how venues played music, creating a fun experience that connects people, rather than divides them.

What it does

When you open up ConnecTunes, it prompts you to join a space, such as your university dining hall. You select the genres of music that you would like to hear, then the app will prompt you with artists, and you use Tindr style swiping to say if you want to hear that artist or not. The more you swipe through, the better of an understanding that we build of your musical tastes. Then, we look at the environment as a whole, and choose songs that based on what the people in the space enjoy, giving equal weight to each person.

How we built it

React.js front end, Firebase back end, crying and banging our heads against the keyboard.

Challenges we ran into

This was my (Nathan's) first time using React, which is a very different paradigm from traditional front end frameworks, and even other front end JS frameworks, like Vue. It was definitely quite the challenge to learn, but I'm glad that I did!

What we learned


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