We created Connect the Planet because we wanted to make it easier for anyone to make an impact on their community. With our website,, and our app, we can make it easier for both companies and individuals to support and help with community service projects across the area.

What it does

Connect the Planet allows individuals and companies to register in order to access its key features. These aspects include a home page featuring our mission statement and website, a Create Project page where anyone can apply to host a project, a View Projects page where users can click on each project in a list to potentially learn more and donate, sponsor, volunteer, or mentor, and an editable My Profile page.

How we built it

To build our app and website, we used Android Studio, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Java, XML, Joomla, and

Challenges we ran into

We learned that making a website is slightly more difficult for us as compared to our past successes with app development. Moreover, we still have much to learn about project planning and time management.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are excited to know that our excellent domain name corresponds to a website made by us. This is the first time we used and pursued web development in our lives. Furthermore, this is the first time we made two major components for a hack: a site and app.

What we learned

We learned a significant amount of information about web development, Javascript, and CSS. It was enjoyable to pursue a different route for our app while learning how to implement and sustain a smart city.

What's next for ConnectThePlanet

Next, we would like to actually implement crowdfunding for our app and website. Additionally, we want to learn more about web development to accomplish bigger things. Improving the user experience is also another goal we wish to accomplish.

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