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What it does

Connects multiple blockchain platforms & traditional software components to create a complete solution. In this case I have created an api platform that can take documents from Propy, encrypted using user's keys, stored it IPFS, allowed sharing to other users using nuCypher Proxy Reecnryption library.

How I built it

Front End - Angular5 BackEnd - Spring IPFS APIStart (to be implemented) nuCypher PRE

Challenges I ran into

  1. Started with nuCypher PRE/KMS - ran into multiple install issues on local mac/cloud linux. Documentation was not super helpful.
  2. Had to figure out a way to integrate Java to Python
  3. Had to figure out how to configure IPFS node for cloud access
  4. (Minor) Fixing UI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Learnt a lot about IPFS, Proxy Re-encryption, Python

What's next for ConnectTheDots

Explore how such an integration platform can help blockchain ecosystem. Traditional integration platforms don't deal sufficiently with distributed systems and cryptography.

Built With

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