The novelty of the idea and its worth in the real world made me to try and take that relevant action to be a part of the idea implementation team.

What it does

Our idea is to bridge the gap between incoming college students and college seniors, professionals, faculty members etc. We want to mitigate the problems faced by new joiners such as the information shortage, guidance, study materials, placement opportunities etc and help them connect to the right person to get their doubts resolved.

How we built it

We uses the for real time chat, and firebase for backend.

Challenges we ran into

We were unaware about some technologies but we learn it during the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The platform can also be used to get clarity on personal, professional problems and improve the overall capability of diversified content that can be discussed among the peer members. It will also impart real life tips, tricks, experiences to get learn from failure and success. It will also act as a platform for lifelong friendships, professional relations will be enhanced enormously.

What we learned

Some latest technology

What's next for ConnectRact

we will complete this website and then will try to execute the plan in real life.

Built With

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