Because of the coronavirus, people from all over the world have been stuck in their homes without the ability to meet and interact with new people. Isolation has been proven to cause a multitude of mental health issues, so we wanted to create a system that can help us connect with each other during this lonely times. We were inspired by Georgia Tech’s smile campaign and quarantine letters to make a positivity social media webpage.We wanted to use technology to give more people the ability to meet someone new.

What it does

CONNECTR allows you to send anonymous messages to other random CONNECTR users. If they like the message, they can send a message back. After both users have sent each other messages and liked them, their real names and social media information to be shared with each other so they can continue bonding outside the website and in the real world. We wanted to make the initial point of contact anonymous as more now than ever people are trying to get out of their social circles and form new bonds. Unlike other apps or websites where the user has to make the first move, CONNECTR does the hard work for them.

How we built it

We used Node JS and Express JS for the backend, focusing on efficient routing of URLs for easy access to each feature. We used MongoDB and Mongoose to create models for each letter and user that joins our platform. We used HTML and CSS to create beautiful UI in the hopes of promoting a calm, delightful atmosphere.

Challenges we ran into

The genesis of the project was founded upon our own inability to meet in-person; the lack of in-person support and collaboration made us rely on our own spirits to press on. Going into this project, we were complete beginners at server-side JS, meaning that documentation was a waterfall of confusion. Luckily, we managed to figure most of it out in the end. The time was not nearly enough to finish a complete developmental project with programmers at entry-level experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the server-side code and building efficient routing from ground zero. We are also proud of the fantastic designs that we had in mind, although they were not able to be implemented into the webpage. We have to show it off, though. We are proud of building our first full-stack web from zero experience to intermediate!

What we learned

We learned how to use server-side technologies to connect to databases in order to serve people anywhere, anytime. We learned how to read documentation for hours on end. We learned important design principles and the importance of stunning visuals. We learned how to activate our stubbornness!

What's next for CONNECTR

CONNECTR still has a lot of potential as a web messaging app - perhaps it would be able to match people anonymously based on their interests. Expanding to many people would allow CONNECTR to flourish in its goals: reimagining social situations and new interactions. CONNECTR wants to ultimately connect many people throughout the world who are experiencing the same hardships and situations. CONNECTR wants to highlight the shared experiences of humans all across the globe, anonymously. Until you want to connect, of course.

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