Automating Twitter UI for different Operations is too time consuming & cumbersome. Also workflow may break resulting in inappropriate operations. That's where these activities to directly integrate with twitter comes useful. Its faster than the usual web automation approach and save a lot of time in automation development as well as execution.

What it does

Basically this package contains 5 custom activities to integrate with twitter:

  1. Publish Tweet - Used to Publish a plain text tweet or tweet with an image.
  2. Publish Media Tweet - Used to Publish a tweet with a media/video stored in local system.
  3. Retweet - Retweet an existing tweet using tweetid.
  4. Delete Tweet - Delete a specific tweet from the user account using tweetid.
  5. Get Tweets - Retrieves tweet details for last 100 tweet using the keyword provided.

How I built it

It has been built in visual studio using c# and tweetmoasharp library.

What's next for Connector.Twitter.Activities

I would like to enhance this twitter package in future by adding some more custom activities to include few more features. As of now 'Get Tweets' retrieves only a max of 100 tweets, would look forward to see the possibilities of enhancing this limit.

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