The sincerity and relevancy of existing answer-sharing platforms has been compromised over time with high membership fees, corrupt files, and incorrect solutions. We wanted to offer a discrete alternative for students to ask and answer questions for their course assignments on a pay-per-answer basis.

What it does

Connect is a peer-to-peer anonymous marketplace for the request and sale of university specific assignment answers. Students first sign in with their login credentials, indicate which university they attend and select the courses they are enrolled in. Then, course specific questions can be submitted and can only be seen/evaluated by other students active in the course. Our simple UI allows users to seamlessly navigate pending questions and answer them for a fixed price set by the buyer.

How we built it

We used php scripts to execute SQL queries with results rendered on the client using html and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Front end rendering.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can submit questions onto the platform for other users to view/answer/buy.

What we learned

We can be extremely efficient as a 2 person team!

What's next for Connector

We are taking this on after HackPrinceton as an independent project to continue the development of the platform. We would like to create a startup out of our Connect submission.

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