ConnectOnCall is a HIPAA compliant digital communication system that has created the optimal system to allow hospital staff to communicate with consulting physicians. The company was created by 3 practicing physicians that were frustrated with the existing options of after hours on-call services.

By creating an innovative digital system that integrates data from electronic health records and practice management services we provide our clients and patient with a superior product. Doctors that use our service get a clinical and demographic overview of the patient that is trying to reach them after hours. The doctor can familiarize themselves with the patient before calling back, allowing for better patient care and dramatically reduced stress for both the doctor and the patient. After the call is made and recommendations given our system allows the on-call doctor to quickly and accurately document the call.

With EHR integration the documentation gets back into the patients chart and notifies the appropriate staff. We have now developed the next stage in our vision to streamline and dramatically improve after hours communication for physicians and hospitals by creating an easy way for Emergency room staff and hospital nurses to find the correct covering doctor in the most efficient manner. By using a web form or convenient app a hospital staff member can choose what specialty service they need and provide clinical information and attach images to immediately notify the appropriate physician.

We use a robust ‘find me’ logic to make sure we are able to contact the doctor on call. We can also provide hospital administrators with the reports they need to make sure the doctors that cover hospital services are responding in an appropriate and timely fashion. Creating a product that has been validated and well received by hundreds of practicing physicians is a critical first step in integrating a hospital based solution.

Any service that has a chance of being widely adopted by hospitals and physicians has to provide significant benefit to the covering doctors, otherwise it will be just another piece of technology that complicates the daily practice of medicine.

However since ConnectOnCall is much more than a communication portal between hospital and doctors it will be used and accepted easily. For example a covering orthopedist or ophthalmologist who is contacted about floor consults and ER patients with ConnectOnCall can also use the smartphone app to handle routine patient calls and referring doctor calls, they can call patients securely without sharing their caller ID and handle images and secure messaging all in with one piece of well-designed innovative technology.

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