The idea for ConnectOnCall came from the three founding physicians frustration with available after-hour answering services, specifically the inability to get notified reliably with accurate information and wasting valuable time for patients and providers. Furthermore with the availability of electronic health records (EHR) in our practice, it seemed obvious that we should have easy access to the critical patient data.

ConnectOnCall is an innovative, feature-rich, and secure replacement for your existing after-hours service. All aspects of handling the responsibility of being ‘on-call’ is simplified and improved by integration with EHR patient data. ConnectOnCall provides the on-call doctor with up-to-date patient information, a faster way to call patients back securely and an easy ‘one-click’ method to document into the EHR record.

The intuitive app simplifies all aspects of taking calls, including reviewing new messages, viewing patient information, calling patients back with one touch, and documenting the call easily. Snapshot of EHR patient data is provided to the doctor with the patient’s message, saving time and helping to improve patient care. Additionally, ConnectOnCall protects physician privacy when calling patients by showing their office number as the caller ID, instead of their personal phone number.

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