Inadequate information on how to get physical instructors or experts that are good at a particular course of study or entrepreneurial skill set. Tutorial centers not being able to get their target audience for their various programs and service they offered.

What it does

A platform that connect scholars, instructors/professionals, tutorial centers to students or individual that may need their help or interested in paying for their service in any course of study or entrepreneurial skills acquisition.

How I built it

Myself and Olanrewaju Ahmed and Korode Yusuf used React as frontend, MongoDB as a no sql database and GraphQL for querying and endpoint. It was my first time using those stacks but kudos to Olanrewaju Ahmed who gingered us. We do little data mining to get sample data related to what kind of information our end users need to see such as list of tutorial centers, work-spaces and instructors.

Challenges I ran into

Learning to use a stack for the first time and using it to deliver a short time project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My team are dedicated and hardworking. Being able to finish all app endpoint and we are currently leading the tweet giveaway challenge of $250. Most especially, the problem our propose project will solve and benefits that comes with it.

What I learned

All team members had to get them self exposed to some resources and stack they haven't used or heard about before, e.g Linode, DevPost,, wolfram etc.

What's next for CONNECTO

To create awareness of the project/application and also preach about it benefits which are listed below :

  1. To provide a local connect among the above entities so as to improve education in Nigeria.
  2. A good resource for students to find where to learn and who to learn from and also for parent to find instructors/teachers for their kids.
  3. Provide revenue for instructors/tutorial centers/work-space owners.
  4. Reduce rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

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