Aside from being a devastating pandemic, COVID-19 has hindered our ability to connect with one another. In a time where social movements gain traction and a lack of social interaction makes social activism difficult, there’s a need to connect passionate individuals with one another. In comes ConnectMeWith.

What it does:

ConnectMeWith is a service that, when used by two or more users that request the same topic, connects them based on their similar interests and routinely sends them articles about their favorite social movement or topic. While a primary focus of the pairing is connecting with like-minded activists, the service is extended to connect users that share any similar interests (outside of activism). The service also has its own instructional and dynamic landing page to educate those who wish to learn about it.

How we built it:

@ConnectMeWith_ is a Twitter bot that users can @ (at) or mention with their topic to make use of its service. We utilized the Twitter API to create the bot, read and write tweets, and send DMs to users. We used TinyDB to store users and news articles in manageable databases. We also used the GoogleNewsAPI to fetch popular article links for any and all topics not preloaded into the database. In addition to the bot, we built an instructional landing page about our project to showcase its capabilities, its importance, and its potential for impact. The website was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Vue and is currently being hosted within Firebase.


Challenges include solving the problem of storing users and links in an intuitive and easy to manage manner, authentication issues with different APIs, figuring out how to match users, and deploying the website.


We’re glad to have accomplished our goals. We’re happy to have worked together and we all learned a lot in the process.

What I learned:

Throughout the hackathon, we learned about collaboration using GitHub, working with different APIs together, and recognizing what ideas were feasible and what weren’t.

What’s next:

Some potential ideas for development include:

  • Implementing a chatbot feature with the Twitter bot to unsubscribe from the service, request a new match, and request a new article.
  • Improve on the matching system
  • Use data analytics and visualization to share on the landing page about where users are connecting from in the world, how many users, etc.

Special Thanks to

-The Hype Team for making this possible!


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