Connectment recognizes that there is a lack of communication between landlords and tenants, thus there is inefficient organization of tenant concerns as well as no proper apartment social networking platform.

Connectment is dedicated to improving communication and collaboration between residents, owners, and managers of multi-unit buildings. A simple and easy-to-use content and communication hub helping foster conversation, community, and connection among people and the things that matter.

Through our Market Validation interviews and surveys we found that our problem was plaguing landlords across the country.

70% - “There’s no easy way to communicate with all tenants without messy group-chats and slack”

82% - Apartments still haven’t transitioned to the digital age, file organization is extremely outdated.

94% - “Tenants are mostly disconnected I would love more integration and networking.”

97% - Tenant organization is one of the most time-consuming activities as a landlord

We then wanted to talk to the tenants, and see if there was a need and space for our platform. The results were nothing short of inspiring.

100% of those surveyed said that they made a meaningful connection from apartment networking.

94% desired more apartment social networking.

These results were corroborated by the survey responses when asked "What would you do with an apartment social networking platform"

Some of the best responses included:

"Imagine running out of sugar, but instead of going to the store, asking someone on the app"

"My old couch, could be someones new couch!"

"Private marketplace, where tenants could sell furniture, products, and masks!"

With this in mind, we knew that there was a need for this application for both tenants and landlords.

What it does

Connectment offers two separate interfaces for the Tenant and the Landlord:


We believe that everyone should have access to great ideas for doing things around the home. Ever wonder how to throw a holiday party with your neighbors? Or how to fix a leaky faucet? Some of the best ideas come from the people around you. We wanted to provide connection where there traditionally isn't any. Tenants are able to pay rent, sell products, and upload events to the platform to engage with others.


We believe that some things in life should be simple, and communication between landlords and tenants should be one of them. Connectment allows for landlords to send building announcements, host events, and provide a unique platform for them to accept payments without the hassle of paperwork.


Safety: Using an application like Connectment would allow for increased safety within apartment complexes: notifications of building fires, thefts, floods, emergency disasters, etc. As all communication exists locally on one application, Connectment becomes the go to "living" platform for all apartment buildings.

How I built it

This was built through creating many functions that reacted when given information from a landlord or tenant. The website is built from input from the users and stored in a database. What we learned was how to implement more impactful code including being able to take in input and send out output when needed.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges were receiving input and putting it into an output like an email. Another challenge was market validation for all of the Landlords, we wanted to get more than 30 landlords so that our findings would be statistically significant.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud of our accomplishments on building a good looking website along with doing adequate market research. We are proud of going trough the startup canvas, and finding a unique value proposition to offer both the tenants and the landlord.

What I learned

We learned that market validation isn't as easy as some might make it out to be, finding quality responses from the many, many busy landlords especially during the COVID-19 pandemic ended up taking up majority of the team's time. However, we managed to get 30+ landlords to interview, and they all validated the problems that we suspected they had.

What's next for Connectment

Continued building of the Connectment platform for ease of use for the tenant and the landlord. Building acquisition through cold calling, email marketing, and using our landlord connections build from interviews.

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