Corona Virus and the lack of people working in offices right now who are very busy. This eliminates the person to person interaction that takes time from secretaries and patients to schedule an appointment.

What it does

Online scheduler for patients and doctors that makes booking a doctor's appointment easier than ever. With our online scheduler patients can book an appointment with their doctor when they want, whenever they want to. Doctors can also set the times that they would like to see patients and see any symptoms that the patient may have so they can prepare beforehand what they may need to ask or what tests they may need to perform on the patient.

How I built it

We separate two groups: the front and the back to build this app. The frontend uses React, the backend uses Express and MongoDB. We built them separately and then deploy it on two different places and connect them with AJAX

Challenges I ran into

-Using firebase for deployment which we had never done before. -working in different languages and combining them together at the end -time restrictions-time zone differences -not a lot of sleep or no sleep for some

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-finishing our project -working as a team -communicating well -having good efficiency with the different skills that we had -learning from each other about new things and how to do things in a different way

What I learned

-how to use new technologies. -changing files to different languages -how to work under pressure -how to split up assignments -working with new people -what a hackathon is like

What's next for ConnectMed

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