In the current social era we have a lot of contacts, but we don't realize the power of our network and the opportunities that are available.

The most popular situation after each event – you have a stack of business cards and one question: Who are these people?

We put the cards in a drawer, or throw them away. We often don't build relationships with people because it's difficult to stay connected with all of them. As a result of this, we miss out our valuable opportunities to strengthen relationships within our own networks.

How it works

Connections allows you to:

  • Scan a business card to create a contact automatically.
  • Categorize people by events, places, skills, etc.
  • Exchange electronic business cards.
  • Take notes about details of any important conversation.

We don't want to build 'yet another app' that allows to take a photo of business cards and makes notes. There are many apps do the same. Our goal is to build a service that allows people answer on their questions. An user could ask the app: Who can help me with Finance? Who can help me with Marketing? Who can help me with ?

And Connections shows a list of appropriate contacts from your address book.

Challenges I ran into

The most tough challenge is to figure out what people need. As it was mentioned above, there are many apps that do the same things. Some of them allow you to scan business cards, another give an opportunity to make notes. Nevertheless, there is no total solution on the market, e.g. Google for a web search. In other words, there is no 'Evernote for contacts'. And we asked ourselves 'Why?'

Our main challenge is to answer on this question.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's feedback that we've received from our early adopters. It was really helpful to identify a vector of development.

What I learned

A product has to give benefits immediately. The longer the usage, the more benefits you have; specifically, you become more prepared with making new notes and more productive during meetings with your colleagues, friends, customers. However, a product should give dividends as soon as possible, immediately after the first launch. We've solved this issue.

An user don't need to spend time to create new contacts; he takes a photo of business card, Connections performs the rest.

What's next for Connections

We've launched on App Store and Google Play. Next updates of iOS and Android versions will include encryption of user data and other essential features such as:

  • possibility to make calls, write Email through the app (it's available for Android right now);
  • updated function of categorization of contacts by events and places where you have met people, skills, hobbies, etc.;
  • integration with LinkedIn.

We are going to build really useful service, and we need your feedback!


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