Nothing seems to be more exciting than landing in the airport of a foreign country you are traveling to --- until you look at all your devices and realize you can't connect to the internet. How can I view my reservations or call an uber? No worries though, right? There's Wi-Fi everywhere! Except, every single connection has a little lock next to it and the only public one charges you a hefty premium for just 30 minutes of browsing. Meanwhile many mobile hotspots are turned on from people who are local to that country and you can't just walk over to them and ask them for their password... well now you can.

Globally, there is a need for internet access in 3rd world countries. The internet is the world's database for knowledge and information, it has become a basic necessity. Our vision is to create an opportunity for everyone to access the internet by incentivizing people to share their connections, which in turn will increase connectivity while also minimizing the costs of access.

What it does

We've created our own token system which users exchange on the app for wifi service. A user simply downloads the app, find a connectioncoin host, and then only pay for the speed and time they use. The application connects wifi hotspot hosts with users by storing the host's WPA password in our database and automatically supplying the password after the user transfers tokens for the service, the password is then destroyed after the time expires and will disconnect the user.

How we built it

We built the app on Java to natively develop it on Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Having no knowledge in mobile application development, this was a challenge for all of our team members. We also had a limited amount of knowledge in how the blockchain and token system works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to create a backend prototype of the user, password, and token integration. Furthermore, we were able to create a full frontend UI that is visual and ready to be implemented for functionality. Lastly, we learned a great deal about blockchain technology.

What we learned

We learned how to create an Android app and more of how the blockchain works through this hackathon.

What's next for ConnectionCoin

Excited to release future versions and develop more towards our vision.

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