Tool to connect people in quarantine, part of a Hacks of Kindness Project

1. Who will this hack impact?

This hack is for everyone but it will impact the lives of introverts the most. The project is about connecting people with one another during quarantine, therefore we named it "Connectine".

2. How is the project innovative?

The project is innovative as it utilizes different areas of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. We used softwares like echoAR to create our project and holds great potencial to connect people with one another.

3. What frameworks and tools were used to build the project?

We used Python SciKit to implement k-means based on a sample implementation from the hackathon workshop led by Tim Kao. We also used EchoAR as referenced during the workshop by the same company.

4. How can this project extend to make the present and the future a kinder place?

The project holds the potential to help people connect with one another. Through AR and AI we have created a reality in which no one will feel alone. People will be able to see their friends around them by using our technology. The project can be used by people from all ages. It can also be helpful to people living in retirement homes and not allowed to see their family members during the pandemic, by opening the website and seeing the family around them through Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Once the modules are connected, the app as a whole has great potential to reduce anxiety and stress during quarantine.

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