I personally felt a need of something that can help me to connect with the people of similar interests.Be it finding a team mate for hackathon

What it does

This web app helps you to find the person who is interested in doing what you are doing. You can put a post up on this that will be visible to everyone for example- Let's say you need someone to participate with you in a hackathon. So you will put a post in category hackathon and put in your Requirement. Whoever finds your post interesting can connect with you.

How I built it

I used web development tech Stack which included Node js,MongoDB,JavaScript, CSS, EJS..

Challenges I ran into

The time constraint was the biggest challenge, and i live in a remote area in INDIA where internet connection is really bad.So, i got very late in deploying my app and submitting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally completed it...

What I learned

I never worked in competitive atmosphere.So, learnt to work in competitive environment.

What's next for Connectify

For, connectify I need to scale it up so that it can actually be used by the people.Improving it's layout or adding extra features is my next target.

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