We all become really busy with what can feel like the relentless demands of academic study and life. Many of us recognize the privilege we have to access education, but that is little comfort when we feel isolated and despondent. Connectify is built on the idea to decrease isolation and motivate us all not only to progress our work but know we can do so while our simple presence supports others. We are not alone.

What it does

Our Online Study Room is freely available to help with your motivation and make progress with your work. Some describe the experience as akin to being in a library; a silent place to work alongside others

How I built it

We decided to use simple web-development technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the front-end. We used Node, express, and firebase for the backend. For real-time messaging functionality in our chat rooms, we used

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was integrating Zoom's API into our project. The reason for this was that Zoom required a domain name to redirect back to and does not support localhost which we were using. The second challenge was deploying our application to a hosting service. The reason being that our application uses client-side authentication for firebase and in order to deploy it to a server, we would have had to used server-side authentication instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We had a working application by the specified time frame.
  • The UI of the application looks amazing.

What I learned

  • We learned how to integrate firebase and use its firestore functionality for saving to the database.
  • We learned the ins and outs of using express.js and how the MVC works in express.
  • Using to create a real-time messaging feature was also something that we learned.

What's next for Connectify

  • We would love to get our application hosted so that we can implement the Zoom API and provide users with a meeting room
  • Gamification of the project. So that users can earn points when they complete certain tasks and they have a leaderboard to show who has the most points.
  • Sending friend requests to people that users wish to match with again.
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