Number of Farmers in India are coming down day by day because the farmers are not making sufficient money to sustain their family. This is because the farmer has to sell his goods to middle man at lower rate because he is not connected to the end user. So in order to give the farmers a helping end we developed a system in which he can connect to the end user directly removing the middle man completely. As not many farmers are connected to the internet,we have a solution wherein the farmer can sell their goods to the user without the internet.

The local village office will have an android application which acts as gateway between the farmer and the end user.The farmer needs to register his phone number and he can sell his goods by sending an sms to the local village office number. It automatically reaches the end user and if the end user orders the particular good , then the farmer receives the sms of the order.

Problems :
1.Currently each farmer of India get suffered with an problem that it’s not get sufficient amount for their crop due to the mediator.
2.And each human being also suffered with an problem that it’s not get fresh vegetables and fruits.

Solutions :
1.So Our application overcome these problems and provides an platform where farmer sells out their vegetables and fruits directly to the customer without introducing mediator and without using internet.
2.So main theme of the application to finish the mediator role and establish an platform where farmer and customer get the solution of the mentioned problems.

1.First , farmer have to registered in an application which is called Localreg . A registrar is assigned to each village which is responsible for the registration of farmer. And registrar contain this application.
2.Second, after registration farmer gets a confirmation message which contains a number which he can called to sell his products.
3.When the farmer wants to sell his goods. He has to call this number which will guide(IVR based number) him to post the advertisement online without internet.
4.When the customer want to buy any products then he goes through the application called ConnectFarm to get the Farmer advertisement in his region . If he is interested to buy an particular product then he can order through the application.
5.The corresponding Farmer will get an message which contain all information related to the order.

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