Play at http://finegamedesign.com/dotdot

By Ethan Kennerly

A game jam with the theme voted for "Connected Worlds" during Ludum Dare 30 (Weekend of August 22 to August 24)

Post compo features:

  • Score.
  • Tuned illustrations.
  • Connect animation and musical notes from a song by Jade Brewer.
  • New name ".." (DotDot).

Playtesters: Diana Salles, Jennifer Russ, Bethany.
Post compo playtesters: Anders, Aubrey, Kerry. Inspired by conversation with Matt and Diana at http://themade.org


What went right:

  • Memorizing: Dots to connect is surprisingly challenging even at your own pace.
  • No words: Matt suggested connect the dots and Diana had ideas about constellations. Jennifer and Beth also playtested, which clarified the tutorial. No words needed to play.
  • Drawing: Exported Flash drawings to Adobe Illustrator format and wrote a Python script to parse them into a JSON-like object. Clean separation of model and view.

What went wrong:

  • A bug that showed another drawing after the end of the game cost hours.
  • Wasn't satisfied with 8-bit sounds, so didn't add sounds post-compo version.
  • Dots were too exact until post-compo version.
  • Wasn't clear about a scoring system until the post-compo version.
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