We wanted to create new app from scratch that does NOT use Kandy communication capabilities as extra feature on top of existing things that app does but put in the very central of it. This is multimedia quiz battle app that uses Kandy to support multiplayer mode with friends competing on 2 devices. But quiz is also quite fun even when playing on single device !

This is education product. Goal of the app is not only to provide pure amusement but also to learn users new things. In the end we think that fun is the best teacher and friends competition is the best motivation ! In single player mode we propose innovation learning method when you are being served additional pieces of knowledge related to some questions.

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In Kandy multiplayer mode you can play with your friend on 2 devices competing with each other. Game does not only check your knowledge but also reflex as you need to be quicker. Gamification and badges makes it more rewarding to play !

Our quiz engine features a lot of multimedia questions types like presented below:

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Future development plans:

  • We'd like to add few more tournament modes (including turn-based multiplayer) and continuously improve content.
  • It's also very quick and straightforward to put Kandy chat component so that remote players can share their thoughts after finished round. It's basic library usage demonstrated in the example. At this point we wanted to show more specific usage of Kandy tool as real-time engine to control quiz multiplayer mode.
  • UI improvements
  • Social integration
  • More content

Note on content: Please note that some quizes (like the one about Portugal or Maxico) are featuring a lot of accompanying multimedia content while other are purely text-based. We still need to work on questions database.

This is new app that has not been released to the market.

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