Inspiration / Problem

Lack of communication among small donation nucleus around the city.

Small donation centers have better understanding of community necessities but might lack resources

A not addressed need inside a community hardly finds help outside of it

What it does

Link a large number of small charity institutions.

Allow knowledge, services and resources to be shared

Take advantage of the big number of local charity institutions and their knowledge of the special needs within it’s community to allow reaching and receiving help from whole metropolitan areas.

The system can be accessed during the Hackathon presentation through the link:

How I built it

We created a Python - Django app using a Postgres database to integrate donations across all city with donees and volunteers able to provide transportation for the donations according to donors and institutions constraints.

Challenges I ran into

We delved ourselves into django for the first time during the Hackathon. Also, we already had experience using github, but this was one of our first projects integrating work from several people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to complete an MVP with all the basic use cases for the application.

What I learned

We learned a lot of python web development, more specifically about django, its django templates and how to integrate back-end to front-end logic.

What's next for Connected Hearts

We have created a roadmap presenting future features, containing items such as:

  • Search items in inventory
  • Send message to volunteers nearby that an item is available to pickup
  • Bar code scanning
  • Recommend donation pickup bundle to optimize transportation
  • Tax report for the donnors
  • Map (GIS) showing pickup places and destinations
  • Automated matching of current inventory and requested items

The next steps would be moving the project to production, reaching local communities and allowing them to use the system.

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