Problem: Social isolation occurs when seniors do not have enough people to interact with. One possibility for choosing not to go out into the community is due to not enough information being accessible regarding new things to do or deals to take advantage in the community- outside their routine. There was too much information online, yet not presented under one hub for seniors to access.

Problem Statement: People are creatures of habit. However, with the introduction to new and exciting things around their community, we hope to inspired them to rediscover the community and attend events, discover restaurants and shop local, all accessible by public transit.

Solution (who and what) What your solution does/ who does it serve. We wanted to start first with one city. And prototype the platform with hopes of them expanding to seniors across the GTA and eventually in Ontario by providing timely information about discounts offered to them in the community and local business they would be interested in. Including: local diners, pharmacies, retail stores.

How will it solve the problem/ how user benefits your solution. We chose public transit as the tool because that will be a possibility on how to get around to join the curated events and experiences. Also because most public transit offer a free ride to seniors on a specific day (Mondays in Oakville). This can be an extra incentive to go out promoting social interaction. By curraring information (such as senior discounts and offers in the community) for them to go out to their community, and explore, meeting new friends along the way.

Unique factor/unique tech The uniqueness of the platform we are proposing uses a points system, to make it fun for the user, like a game.

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