We think that learning process can be more fun and effective ! That's why we created Connected Class system.

With ConnectedClass teacher can define lessons content using friendly web-based panel. Than educational content is moved on his tablet and can be shared with students during lesson using AllJoyn. There are several teaching tools that can be used. Teacher can share graphical slides and texts to students connected to his lesson. He can also set them a task - like solving a quiz. We've also made fun interactive version of a quiz in a TV show game style where you have to tap first to be able to answer the question. And with the interactive exercise board, both students and teacher can manipulate elements and work in collaboration solving different problems !

We want this software not to replace traditional teaching tools but to complement them and assist teacher in creating great lessons ! We believe that traditional learning process can by improved by far with digital technologies and we want to improve and expand our sofware.

To get the better understanding of our system please have look at the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN8M-fgfRZI&feature=youtu.be

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