The idea originally was very similar to that of Uber - a student would request a pickup, and hopefully a parent will see it and drive the student. This later evolved into a parent-only application, where parents are part of a system of carpools, driving others' children, and getting your own driven when you cannot.

What it does

Parents can enter their information, such as their address, the school their child goes to, and the days they can/cannot drive. Other parents can then see that parent's information on a map, which shows their address, addresses of other parents who drive to the same school, and the school itself.

How we built it

Used JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Google APIs

Challenges we ran into

Having to learn a new API was somewhat troublesome, and gave us both a hard time. Also, neither of us are proficient with building an aesthetically pleasing User Interface, so it was hard to make it look acceptable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Both teammates explored, and conquered, their own part of the Google API.

What we learned

Shahar was mostly occupied with server-side, so he learned a lot about the Google People API, as well as how to send data to a server using JS, and how to manage the server with PHP.

What's next for Connected Carpool

Expansion to state-wide or U.S.-wide.

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