Walk through a demo of SafeGuard's vision yourself via our Marvel prototype.


With recent reports of people (especially women) being robbed, kidnapped, attacked and worse by either Lyft/Uber drivers or by people pretending to be Lyft/Uber drivers, it is imperative that we implement a real-time solution that will keep riders safe.


SafeGuard empowers rideshare app users to (1) identify and select drivers who have opted into third-party safety certification and (2) quickly seize control of potentially dangerous situations.

SafeGuard may be used when both the driver and a rider of a rideshare request have SafeGuard installed. When requesting a ride through a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber, users have the option to select a driver that is SafeGuard certified. Doing so opens the installed SafeGuard app and triggers the following events:

  1. Rideshare app API provides driver, ride, and vehicle details, and
  2. Smartcar API provides odometer, and location readings as well as vehicle unlock/lock capabilities to riders

SafeGuard prompts the rider to activate "emergency mode" when the driver strays too far from the route by a specified threshold. Riders may also activate this mode without a prompt. When "emergency mode" is activated, a number of notifications are pushed to those who may be able to help:

  1. Twilio API enables text notifications to user-specified emergency contacts
  2. Nearby SafeGuard users receive push notifications
  3. The rideshare app's incident alert team is contacted
  4. SafeGuard's Twitter posts an alert

"Emergency mode" also enables the user to directly plan an escape:

  1. User can unlock and lock vehicle doors
  2. 911 is automatically dialed via phone
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