We didn't want only make a boring app that would just be "donating to XX". To get a lot new more users/donors you have to create something that hasn't been done before and can go viral.

What it does

ConnectAR helps nonprofits raise funds during these difficult times by connecting new and existing users to nonprofit organizations through a social media/augmented reality hybrid platform.

Base functionality would include:

Following your nonprofits for updates (photos, video, petitions, polls, standard social media stuff), pledging donations, sending handwritten thank you notes to donors, eCommerce store.

Augmented Reality solution:

Earn points by donating to nonprofits, bonus points for donating to struggling nonprofits. With the points, you can place augmented assets that other users can see when walking by.

  • e.g Images with a caption that advertise your newly opened restaurant, a bike you want to sell, or some art you drew, your cute doggie, a meme

  • A positive message people can see, a story, etc

How we built it

Built on Android with ARCore. Backend is a PostgreSQL instance running on RDS. Serverless model using APIGateway and Nodejs Lambda Functions. The 3d amazon card was built with blender and rendered with sceneform.

What's next for ConnectAR

Adding more functionality, building for iOS, see if nonprofits like this idea and want to team up.

Try out the app:

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