Have you ever been in a situation but there are multiple people in the group that takes forever to get contact across. For example, you are studying for a test with your friends and you don't have the contact information when using this app you automatically locate people around you I connected up.

You can choose a radius and find people within that radius. It will be simple and user-friendly using APIs from Facebook and Twitter.

Send messages to friends share photos links ideas music.

Users will have control over updating preferences to push or hourly.

What it does

Connecting people together that are nearby.

How I built it

Objective-C, XCode, Rest API, MySQL database

Challenges I ran into

Asynchronous requests. Working on many devices and platforms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked on something new and made it efficient with 90 % code coverage.

What I learned

Prioritize the work and work on the MVP features.

What's next for Connecta


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