Marginalized members of the community often struggle to find friends and meet people who share similar emotions. Our goal is to help connect these people with others who they can relate to.

What it does

Connect2 leverages Microsoft Azure's Emotion API to detect the emotions of the user through a picture. Given this data and other details about the user, we have developed an algorithm to match people experiencing similar emotions.

How I built it

Connect2 was built using React and Node.js as well as Microsoft Azure's Emotion API. The front-end was developed through React and brings the users through a series of webpages to complete the matching form. The backend was developed using Node.js to configure RESTful endpoints and used technologies including the Microsoft Emotion API.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of difficulty passing the picture data to Microsoft Azure's Emotion API. In addition, we encountered problems connecting our front-end and back-end components together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely proud of how far we've gotten on this project given the tight timeline of this one-day Hackathon.

What I learned

Through Connect2, we gained more experiences working with React and Node.js. Furthermore, we learned how to use the Microsoft Emotion API.

Built With

  • microsoft
  • microsoft-azure-emotion-api
  • node.js
  • react
  • react-webcam
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