The most pressing problem for the aging population is the problem of isolation. The elderly residing in nursing homes feel increasingly alienated from society, 43% of seniors aged 65+ report feelings of loneliness and a fifth of these seniors experience depression--many feel their loved ones have abandoned them.

Nursing staff in nursing homes are overworked and cannot provide adequate one-on-one interactions for their elderly. No matter how far medical technologies advance, the quality of life is most important. For the aging population, everything pales in comparison to their desire for intimacy to feel loved and relevant.

Our website Connect the Gap solves this problem by providing a systematic way of connecting younger generations with the elderly. We believe that one of life’s most rewarding and necessary experiences is the relationship between seniors and the young. With many seniors living alone in facilities with limited contact with their family CTG can remedy this issue by providing a social platform where hospitals and nursing homes can: Signup their facility to be a part of the CTG network The facility will now appear on the CTG map Students will select facilities, appearing on the facilities’ account Nurses will browse through user profiles, screen them, and contact the students’ schools and the schools will validate the student

Where applicants can: Browse for the nursing homes/hospitals in their area and select the facilities they are interested in Volunteer to meetup or talk to their buddy Develop a lasting meaningful relationship and receive community service hours

Unlike existing social platforms such as Facebook, Connect the Gap allows for faster and more reliable applicant validation through communication between facility staff and schools. Facility staff will screen user profiles based on their criteria to identify the most viable and beneficial candidates based on their personal knowledge of their elderly’s needs, contact the schools for validation and setup the meeting. Facility staff will receive compensation for each meeting they set up since this should count towards improving their quality of care. Schools will validate their students’ credentials and notify their students of the opportunity.

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