With NFC technology taking over financial transactions, why not utilize the convenience of being able to transfer data quickly? We believe that although the NFC technology has been around for a while, it is underappreciated by the tech industry. Our goal was to explore and learn NFC technology and to find a practical application to every day life.

What it does

Our product allows the user to download the app and put in their contact information once (phone number, email, LinkedIn, Resume, Facebook, etc), and when the user wants to connect with another person on a supported platform, they can beam their profile within a matter of seconds. Additionally, only the sender has to have the app downloaded on their phone, making our app usable in all situations! When the Android Beam is complete, the receiving individual of the Beam is taken to the user's either social media, or contacts page with the Contact already made and the info entered (correctly haha). Furthermore, CONNECT is a sustainable initiative; cutting out the need for printing business cards and resumes. Some research showed us that over 27 million business cards are printed each day, and roughly 88% of the cards being thrown out(:o)! With phones being an everyday part of life, integrating the networking aspect by reducing error of mistyping a name or phone number, all while reducing the need for a business card.

How we built it

-Built for Android platform, through Android Studio -Integrated Firebase for cloud storage -nfc beams ;)

Challenges we ran into

Never using NFC before, we had to learn a few topics on the spot, making it a bit of a time crunch. Also a huge shout out to the mentors that helped us out!

Social media platforms having strict APIs made it difficult to integrate them on our app in the way we envisioned

Difficulties with uploading files in external storage to Firebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Kept a simple interface for users and not making it too complex -Focused on the practicality

What we learned

-How to use NFC technology -Handshake protocols -Gained knowledge on Android Studio (xml, gradle, SDK, API)

What's next for CONNECT

-Hopefully we can continue working on CONNECT, and make an iOS version to offer cross platform support -Add more platforms (based on research), and UI customization for users -Use Firebase Analytics for data visualization

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