When I arrived at the hackathon, one of the sponsors of the hackathon announced that they were looking for interns for the fall term. I forgot my resume and decided to build an app that would eliminate the need to bring resumes to events.

What it does

The employer and job-seeker see different front ends of the app. The employer can collect the profiles of job seekers, and a job seeker can edit their profile. At the end of an event like a job fair or hackathon, the employer has all the applications on their phone. This digitizes the whole process and eliminates the need to read through resumes.

How I built it

Connect was built with Android studio with a Firebase backend. The employer is set to receive the NFC message and the job seeker is set to send it.

Challenges I ran into

NFC wasn't working for a long time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making my first android app.

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