Our inspiration was off of the antiquation of business cards. We want to share our contact information fast, safe, and efficiently without having to go through the slow and outdated process of purchasing, carrying, and remembering to exchange business cards. Connect allows users to meet new people around them, share contact information, and message one another using the app in your general proximity. It was built in Xcode using swift, Google's Firebase for networking and database, and iBeacon bluetooth in order to gain precise location of users. One of the main issues that we ran into involved utilizing iBeacons in order to get precise user locations. While wifi is a very poor and crude source of a user's specific location, bluetooth is able to be accurate to the inch for near-by devices. Thus learning how to utilize phones as beacons and then receiving these beacon signals from another phone ran our team into a few hurdles as we explored, learned, and tested the unfamiliar technologies. What's next for us is just trying to learn and become more efficient programmers.

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