What can a company like Pro7Sat1 do with the data from their ~60 companies? Well if you know someones Maxdome watchlist, frequent weather requests and favourite TV shows you might know him quite well. So why not take advantage of these datasets and bring people together at Pro7Sat1's subcompany Parship?

Our track is Pro7Sat1

What it does

For a customer we collect data about:

  • frequent weather queries
  • genres/episodes/seasons for this user at the platform
  • same kind of data for this user at the platform

Then we can compare two users and evaluate their matching value and find some similarities e.g.:

  • what places are you interested in? (
  • what kind of movies do you like? (
  • what kind of tv shows are you watching? ( ... and more!

Imagine your first date. What should I talk about? What kind of activities should I suggest for another date? With our app, we can help parship-users to not only break the ice but also enlighten a small fire while talking about something you both enjoy. Like your last trip to Italy, we know you have been there because you have checked the weather in Rome. Or about your favourite horrormovies. Why not enjoy a movie you might like but you both haven't seen yet?

How I built it

We created a new class for a customer, which saves all relevant queries. Then we created a function to evaluate the match of two customers and find similarities to suggest topics.

And we added one extra portion of love! <3

Challenges I ran into

We had lots of trouble getting used to the API service. But we made the best out of it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our app is capable of delivering the data we would like to gain.

What I learned

I learned a lot about myself, especially how to handle high amounts of frustration :-)

What's next for Connect People

The sky is the limit! Pro7Sat1 can also evaluate data from Flaconia (similar perfume favourites?), (favourite travel goals), Amorelie (similar secrets? ;-) ). This data can be very helpful to raise the success rate of from now 1 pair falling in love every 11minutes to below 10 minutes

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