Bitcamp 2017organized a team building exercise,1hr later a team was incubated. We reflected how hard it was to network and prioritized the cause of problem and created an application. In addition, we gained perspective by asking other Bitcampers what problems they phased when networking. Bottom line the lack of quality connection motived us to create a solution.

What it does

Uses IBM Watson to determine your personality information from your Linkden and social media accounts and match it to other event attendees. Then you see the data of how much you match with other attendees and you select your top 5 connections.

How I built it

We built a web app using a SQLite database with python flask web server. The personality insight was provided by IBM Watson api.

Challenges I ran into

We had our only fronted developer drop out half way through the competition. Our Steve Jobs three hours later came back with a new front end developer.

Our second challenge was, nobody knew how to use IBM Watson. That was the main source in our algorithm to match the skills of our users. We overcame this obstacle by designating our backend developer, Chris, the real MVP to learn it in 5 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our stamina and confidence within our skill. I am proud of our industry ready prototype.

What I learned

Our team members learned how to trust in one another.

What's next for Connect.Me

We will carry out beta testing to confirm our hypothesis. After the beta testing we plan on using the data to make the proper iterations for our application. Once finalized we plan on launching the app on a grass root level and plan on making individual connections and engaging people to sign up for Connect.Me at networking events.

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