To explore more! To connect with those who are near to us. Learn Better, Grow Well and enhance our capabilities.

What it does

connect is a concept in which students , teachers and institutions are involved. Explorers can find their school/colleges/university groups, fellows and teachers as well. It is basically built for institutions to use it for education purpose. Education institutions collaboration'll be worth it! It connects the school mates and even all over the world, people who are in the same stage of learning They can also improve their learning strategies and enhance their thinking process.

How we built it

In time of two days, I made it  with the help of google of course. Searched a lot. And their are 
moments when I faced difficulties not me of course all of us who participate. I used google pictures 
and some free pictures for this project.  With the help of WordPress, Html, CSS, JavaScript, I made this. 
 It's fulfill all the requirement which a good project should have. 

Challenges we ran into

Of course, time management and the errors and the worst were the internet connection. I faced. But I really glad that I did it in given time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very glad that I did it. And It's a really good website for those who can understand its features and the concept which I basically used in it. Yes! I am feeling good. Yeah.

What we learned

I learned a lot.... a lot.. how to work in short period of time. And how to make your work's worth. It's a very amazing experience that I had. And Yeah I managed things and sometimes it's like a horror movie like oh. I don't have more time. But I learned to stick with the thought which I decided to make it. I learned about coding more. About PHP. About plugins, About critical thinking. When nothing works google is there. I start loving Google. Because of google I solved projects' errors.

What's next for connect!

I'd loved to add more things in this project. But the good thing is it'll connect people globally and people'll definitely get benefit through it.

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