Our app idea was conceived when we noticed just how hard it is to exchange all of your different social profiles with new people you meet. Most of the time, you may forget to add new friends online a few hours after meeting. Other times you may not want to ask for another person's twitter handle. And when we tried to exchange phone numbers, we saw just how inefficient it is to tell a new friend to type in his phone number after which you may or may not get around to texting back your name.

Our solution is Connect, an iPhone app that becomes your central hub for exchanging and connecting with all your social profiles. We want anyone and everyone to simplify their lives by making the virtual connection process quick, seamless, and painless.

When two people open Connect, their phones will recognize nearby users in the app. After choosing the person to connect with and one person chooses which social profiles (we included phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, and Yo) they want to connect with, the profile data is sent to the other user via Bluetooth. After the second person responds to the request to connect across the multiple profile choices, Connect will automatically add the two to each other across the social networks that were both selected.

Simply put, Connect streamlines the process of connecting digitally with a new friend, making the process so simple that you would want to connect with everyone you meet.

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