Inspiration Stories of impact will highlight and document those stories of gender champions who are taking steps and breaking the silence on stereotypes, for ensuring gender equality by eliminating all kind of violence and discrimination against women and the most marginalised segment of the society. The idea is to highlight the gender champion in the society and inspires others for taking a tangible move for each other development.

What it does-We are going to introduce gender champion irrespective of sex and share their striking stories on online platform and use social media more extensively to tell their stories. The gender champions will be provided an opportunity to online talk with people on regular basis and share their experience and success in term contributing in social , economic and political development for wider inspiration. The more focus would be given to engage men and highlighting their action to ensure gender equality.

The stories of impact platform will highlights the gender champion including men, women and transgender who are taking move and playing a vital role for development of the society. The gender champions will be further mobilised to inspire and encourage by connecting on Facebook and what’s app. The whole idea is to give highlight the solution and action exist within the community and enhancing the positive contribution of community role models and to inspire other’s that it’s not he or she it’s about us who can develop and act for healthy society. ”We are the change makers”. We aim to change people mind set and provoke them to take actions for reducing inequalities. We believe that to achieve the desired results of Gender equality we need to change people behaviours and their mind set to eliminate all kind of discrimination and establish the value of gender role in the society.

How we built it-we are going to develop online platform where we features the stories on the regular basis and link it with social media channels.

Challenges we ran into-We will be needing the partnerships both from private and public sector to identify the change champions in the communities the are working in.We believe there are lots of change stories and change makers exist in the society and we need to highlight and present them as role model and mobilise them to inspire and encourage others.We wanted to bring shift in the mind set by breaking the silence on stereotypes and establishing the value of gender roles.

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