The following line - "Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to share it"

What it does

Person A has a problem. Person B has a solution. A tells B about the problem using our Platform as a service. B responds to the same via simplified communication protocols. The platform implements Machine Learning to present and/or suggest smart solutions to problems.

How I built it

Using Flask framework and other helpful python modules such as "exotel", for simplifying API Calls.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up caller and SMS service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The server is capable of handing requests for users with or without the access to internet.

What I learned

Hooking API calls

What's next for Connect InOut

The platform has the potential to serve a nation wide solution to many problems inclusive but not limited to, communication barrier, rural educational development, Medical Consultation

Detailed Explanation Seeing as how a major part of India resides in its villages and how, some but not all, have access to internet and its various benefits we propose Connect InOut as a possible solution. Consider the scenario where a Person A is residing in a location and has only access to mobile calling services. He can query Connect InOut via calling and discuss his or her problems on any query that he or she might be experiencing.

Future Prospects

  1. Machine learning algorithms and sentimental analysis can be coupled to make the solution more effective and precise
  2. Querying via SMS can be setup using Exotel service which allows SMS in local languages.
  3. Nationwide coverage can be provided.
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