When I reread the specifications of the blockchain for the umpteenth time, I was intrigued by the anomaly of the genesis block. It couldn't just be what it appeared to be, one of the many blocks without a predecessor. Hence the idea that the genesis block must really be the block it generates and not just the initial block.

What it does

If the genesis block isn't just a data block then what could it possibly be? The genesis block must be a code! Only a code can truly generate and be called genesis.

How we can built it

The concept idea that the genesis block must be a code changes the perspective. The same code that manipulates the blockchain must be the genesis block.

Challenges we ran into

Knowing that something was missing was just a feeling in the beginning. But after rereading that the genesis block is encoded within the code, everything was clear. What the blockchain lacked was knowing the code that was supposed to manipulate it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is a simple idea but it can change everything. Many of the flaws of the blockchain can be solved with this simple but substantial change. Many opportunities will emerge from this simple revision of the original idea of the blockchain.

What we learned

In the development of this idea, once again the confirmation of the value of the design of a project was had. A simple initial detail, if not considered adequately, affects the subsequent development of the entire project. This is what happened to the blockchain: the initial opportunity to make the project really solid was missed. But you learn by doing and in this way you can still improve the blockchain ecosystem that has already been born and will be reborn.


The future of this idea is the very future of the entire blockchain ecosystem. Whether the importance of an ASSOCIATIVE BLOCKCHAIN CODE is taken into account will depend only on the actual understanding of the problem by the community, So the future of ASSOCIATIVE BLOCKCHAIN CODE is now in the hands of the community.

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