Giving/Taking interviews is a hectic process. Every company uses different software for meeting. After that comes the closing screen, which makes us anxious as to how the interview went. Here comes Connect, the unified job portal, where you can conduct meetings from our services. Afterwards, you can also get insights and analytics about how your interview went, from our services.

What it does

It's a unified job portal. Recruiters/applicants can use the meeting service we provide as the one stop meeting software provider. The meeting service is no less than other software like MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. It provides mute/unmute audio, open/close camera, screenshare, customized background and many more things. After giving the interview, you can get analytics and insights of your conversation. Just upload the audio/video file, and our services will provide you with the insights. (The does not yet return the analytics of a conversation as we got stuck with the API and time ran out, but it will be added in the future updates)

How we built it

The backend was built using Django. The meeting service was built using the Twilio API. The conversation analytics service was built using

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges:

  1. Integrating React with Django in such a way that Django serves as the backend and react as the frontend.
  2. Using AWS S3 buckets to store the media files and getting back a publicly accessible URL.
  3. Working with Twilio video API ,generating tokens, integrating it with our Django backend.
  4. Working with, generating tokens, fetching and using the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We were able to learn a lot of things.
  2. Was able to make something (if not complete, but atleast a part)

What we learned

  1. Integrating React+Django
  2. Working with AWS S3 buckets for file storages, boto3, accessing objects.
  3. Working with Twilio video API, integrating it with our Django backend server.
  4. Working with, generating tokens, accessing and using its API
  5. Hosting backend and frontend separately
  6. Using API, and securing its tokens

What's next for Connect

  1. Adding more advanced insights for conversations using
  2. Adding more features to video like chat
  3. Improving the UI/UX, Design
  4. Adding a section where recruiters can list open positions and applicants can apply for them
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