The neonatal setting is an anxiety-provoking situation for every parent. Since the NICU is such a complex environment, parents have a difficult time understanding what is going on with their child's care. This often leads to parents hesitating to maintain that crucial parent-baby bond during the many weeks the child is in the NICU. In this project we specifically focused on how we can make the SonarMed Airway Monitoring System of endotracheal tubes more understandable for parents so that they can comfortably form the parent-child bond.

One of the largest barriers for parents in forming this bond is the fear of dislodging the endotracheal tube. The monitoring system for this life-saving device is confusing and fear-inducing for parents. Because of this, it is important to translate the airway monitoring system data into an understandable simulation so that parents can know whether they are dislodging the tube when cradling their infant. This application can be immediately used in the ICU with the current device.

What it does

The Connect application translates the airway monitoring data received and creates a visual simulation that represents the patients endotracheal tube placement. This simulation will indicate whether the tube is in a safe zone, which will allow parents to feel comfortable to hold their baby.

How we built it

We used some simulated data based off analysis of the SonarMed data. We used Java, C++, and OpenGL.

Challenges we ran into

It was almost impossible to extract the data from the SonarMed hardware. We were not able to translate that data into a simulation, so instead we simulated data to use in our app. In the future we hope to work with SonarMed to ensure that the data is able to be translated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that in less than 24 hours we were able to extract data from the SonarMed hardware and create the endotracheal position simulation app.

What we learned

From this project we learned how often extubation of endotracheal tubes occur in the NICU. Neonatal patients are very sensitive and parents are stressed and fearful of how their little movements could possibly cause the extubation of the tube. This fear leads to less parent-baby bonding, which is vital to child development.

What's next for Connect

We'd like for this simulation to be used in large training group setting, so that it would take less time to train health professionals and in the long run that means less costs for the hospital.

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