What it does

Connect is a decentralized and faster way to connect with other people around the globe using WebRTC and Account functions, you can make as many meetings as you want!

How we built it

WebRTC and JavaScript along with HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Our goal was to create a decentralized chatting website, but WebRTC was too complicated for our tired minds so the website devolved from a media share website to a simple webcam fetcher due to lack of time. One of our team members was able to make

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The state machine that powers the webcam fetcher itself and getting as far as we did in the project. We were able to use javascript to make a self webcam feature and a switch function that closes and open the camera with a click of a button!

What we learned

A lot about WebRTC and Stun Servers.

What's next for Connect

We will try to make it a fully functioning client like zoom since after this we will have unlimited time, we hopefully would be able to make it a company and be able possibly make money off of it.

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