Ways to allow people to get themselves out there and connect with other businesses or people. Many people and companies rely on email communication which I know many people can see late or even just miss. At a Dolby info session at my school, 3 students showed up, mostly because the students just missed the email, or didn't parse through and find that one email in the sea of unimportant ones. Using Connect, people can find business hosted events that they may be interested in.

What it does

businesses can register in our application and start creating public events for people interested to come, connect, and see what the business is about. Users can explore the surrounding area for events they would like to attend or companies would like to get in touch with.

How we built it

Web application made into a hybrid application using phonegap. We use Yelp's API to provide users with reviews of pictures of companies so they become more than just a name on their screen.

Challenges we ran into

Time management. We found this hackathon recently, a few weeks ago, we were entering our finals week in school which only left us spring break to start and finish. I (Nick) went home to Seattle and my partner Jimmy stayed in the Bay Area. Remote communication and mutual contribution was especially difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Google maps explore page with clickable pins pulling up the business and reviews from Yelp's API. successful read/write and persistent login using phonegap.

What we learned

The difficulties of working remotely. Communication was especially difficult since we had to work on them at different times. We also learned a lot about implementing an idea and how quick the basics can be but how time consuming the necessary details can be to include.

What's next for Connect

Obviously it's to finish it. Many people will work on an idea in a hackathon, have a decent or even good implementation of it, and not touch it again. We plan to not only finish this idea, but see if we can get users, schools, or any business to use it. We also need RSVP, and business to decline requested attendees. Once we have a full-fledged hybrid application, my partner and I both have the knowledge and practice to make a native android implementation, and next would be to make an iOS implementation. Other operating systems may be able to get away with the hybrid application.

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