Our idea was basically inspired from those people who find it really difficult to focus on their task, especially while studying, and need some kind of motivation and help to complete it. And also, the people who enjoy group studying but are not able to do due to current pandemic situation.

What it does

Connect helps students who need assistance in studying. Through this web they can form personal study group and join public group based on topics they want to study. They can take notes while studying and save them. They can also search for tutor who can assist them. Also their studying time will be monitored and accordingly they will be given points, which they can use to ask questions free of cost to tutor. They will be given daily challenges too like completing 60 min study, etc. They can also post their views and thoughts in community. This is how our Connect will help students in studying.

How we built it

We used Flutter Platform tools to design Frontend. we used Firebase authentication for login.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenges we ran into were firebase authentication as we are beginner and include video interface as flutter currently does not have web support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy to say that we were able to get most of the features working, and were able to integrate them with relative success. Though we were not able to implement backend and some features like flutter video calling as they are not supported on web.

What we learned

We learnt time management and coming to project -Using Firebase tools such as firebase authentication for google sign in and firebase website hosting.

What's next for Connect

Though we created this web application to help the people who were having difficulties in the current pandemic. However, we will always need some motivation be it a mentor or a web application. Also, due to time constraints we worked only on front end part and because of flutter limitations in web app we did not include machine learning concepts like real time face detection in the online meeting (can be used to calculate the time spent in front of screen while studying), we are planning to include that later on.

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